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About Me

In 2014, I moved back to North Carolina to be closer to family and one weekend, my mom took me to a dog adoption event in Durham. She had been volunteering with this rescue for a while and she knew I loved dogs so why not? Not only did I meet one of the greatest dogs in the world that soon came to live with me, but I also realized that maybe I could help dogs get adopted faster by photographing them. I had done a little photography in the past but never like this and I barely ever got the camera off 'P for professional'. Hah! That all changed with these dogs. I forced myself to learn the more technical aspects of photography and a hobby for good was born.

I have photographed hundreds of adoptable dogs (and some cats!) for Independent Animal Rescue in Durham, NC and am now their lead dog photographer. I also photograph for other rescues when they need a hand. It's my therapy and I'm so glad I can help in some way. You can view the current adoptables from Independent Animal Rescue  here: Independent Animal Rescue

I am also now a volunteer photographer at the Duke Lemur Center. What an amazing experience. I am so happy to be a part of bringing awareness to the critically endangered lemurs there.

I photograph all the rescue dogs and lemurs for free so purchases from my store will help me with camera upkeep costs.

Thank you so much for supporting me in this endeavor!

Sara Nicholson by Brad Bretz